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In the year 2020, we have experienced the new normal and “thank’ to the virus outbreak, everyone has no choice but to stay at home. It is saddening to some extents; but in a positive way, a lot of people were given the chance to stay with family for quite some time and spend more time at home. Some would enjoy the stay while some would desperate so much for the end of lockdown and could not wait to get out from their shelters.

A good home interior plays an important role for all the family members to enjoy the living and even working at home. While staying at home, you might realize that you could have a greater comfortableness with better care on the home interior. To have a home interior that suits your requirement, some scopes should be set into consideration.


Styles / Concepts

When it comes to choosing the ID concept for home, it is very much relying on personal liking. With the ease of access to the internet, it is getting common that public has more knowledge of interior design and find preferred style for their home. Variety of ID concepts give satisfaction of different individuals. It will be great that the concept best suits the individual’s personality, rather than following the trend of the time which may quickly bring boredom to the members who live in the house.




Colour Selection

When choosing the style for the home, colour normally comes along during the consideration. Colours play the role on changing individual’s mood & emotion. Good colours matching with good amount control can help to contrast the beauty of each colour and create a better sense of visual perception. E.g.: Cool grey colour walls at room may be dull or gloomy sometimes but it may be effective to calm mind as well. In an addition, with grey as a background colour, any colour such as a red sofa, or wooden toned furniture can add warmth to the room and contrast the beauty of the furniture. Textures and lines can be another consideration to enhance the colours and provide different kind of feelings to eyes and touch.







Space planning is one important point to consider for interior design. As we know, after living for quite some time in one place, things tend to pile up without notice and home is getting narrow which affect the home experience. Therefore, a proper space planning is needed to decide which area of the home to be free up and which to be the zone for keeping different variety of items at home. Therefore, purposes of all spaces should be identified before proceeding to do physical change. E.g.: When there is sufficient space at a walkway, wall cabinet can be built along the way which allow more storage space while the exterior of the cabinet serve as the wall decoration purpose, leaving the mess behind the cabinet door. On the other hand, more space has been free up. Neatness brings comfortableness to mentality.





With the consideration of space, layout planning can be more organized. Any furniture and built-in fixture can be placed into the space, but dimension, purpose and function should be set into consideration.

Inputting too many or wrong dimension of fixtures may disturb the people movement or even affect the brightness and air flow which may cause discomfort. E.g.: A oversized dining table set may cause the dining chair to block the walkway toward the living room during the dining session. Proper planning on the dimension, function and necessity of fixtures will help the home interior look greater and feel better in practical as well. On top of that, electrical point can be planned well too before grouping all electrical appliances to only one area with powerpoint, which will break the design or the practical flow.







Lighting plan is most often neglected during planning out the home interior. Lighting is no longer just a function to brighten up the space in the dark. It has become one factor to enhance the ambience of the home. Colours of the interior will come in different visual effects under natural sunlight and artificial light sources. Overpopulating lights to the ceiling may be too bright and spoil the ceiling layout; while insufficient quantity of lights may be too gloomy and unhealthy for eyes while doing task, which need more focus. E.g.: Lower brightness is needed for the comfort and visual experience while watching TV at home like the experience of cinema; Brighter daylight/cool white will be more suitable for reading or writing. Correct choice of lighting type, temperature, and location will fully enhance home experience when the night fall.




Decorative Pieces


After all the major enhancements are in place, decorative accessories can be considered as an added beauty for the home. Decorative accessories should normally in loose items which can be easily movable and changeable from time to time. E.g.: A floor lamp by the sofa can function as a decoration but also useful while doing reading, and it can move to working desk from time to time as well; A green house plant as decoration add the colour of nature, soften the home ambience and improve the air quality. Decorative pieces play as a role of added enhancement to the interior and reflect the personal sense of taste.


It is important to remember that the home interior design should be based on own personality and personal liking. The home should not be renovated to impress guests only but to ensure the members always enjoy staying at the home in comfort and happiness.

To ensure the pleasant living, engaging interior designers can help to overcome all the concerns and design the home interior from taking all measurement into consideration to explaining owner’s requirement to contractors during the building/renovation period. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry on interior design and renovation for your beloved home.